WHITE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - "I heard equipment running and I thought I better go over there and check that out.," Jimmy Austin explained.

Jimmy Austin takes me along the route known as the Southwest Trail. Along the path, you will find White County's historic Little Cypress cemetery. The final resting place for nearly 40 people. Now, partially destroyed after a Lonoke-White Public Water Authority project.

Tommy Bond of Bond Consulting Engineers said, "We were about probably two thirds through the cemetery before anybody realized there was anything wrong." Bond says the water authority asked his company to design a water system including a pipe line to serve 100,000 people in the Vilonia area.

Austin explained, "I told them when they paid us for the easement. I told them theres a cemetery over there in the corner of this 40. We'll we'll be over there, you know, we've got a map to go by. That's what the assumption was."

But somehow, the pipe line managed to be installed in the middle of the cemetery.

"These are the stones that they found after they destroyed this cemetery," Sam Holloway motions.
Holloway is the Vice President of the White County Historical Society and says a year after destroying the cemetery-not much has changed-leaving him very upset. He says, "It's not right. They didn't have no respect. If they had any respect they'd come back and restore it back and then block it off but they're not going to do that.">

Bond responded, saying, "It an unfortunate incident. It all boils down to just a lack of communication."

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