UNDATED (CNN) -- An American was one of the final three competitors of "Arabs Got Talent." The songstress put on a compelling performance, but was it enough to pull off the big win?

She went from being a long shot to falling just short. Jennifer Grout, the all-American girl almost won the biggest televised talent show in the Middle East "Arabs Got Talent." She stunned audiences singing traditional songs in flawless Arabic, a language she barely speaks. She said, "I feel really good. I'm really happy I was in the Top 3 and it was such a good experience."

Her final performance wowed the crowd, but it wasn't enough to pull off an upset.

Jennifer may not have won the competition but she did win over this audience here tonight, one of her fans telling me that he really appreciated what he called her beautiful and sincere tribute to Arabic music.

The show's judges agreed praising Jennifer's unique ability to bridge east and west through song. Judge Najwa Karam said, "Jennifer's achievement is something that's made me very happy - it shows music is universal. When it comes to the arts, there are no barriers between us and any other people in the world. If language separates us, music unifies us."

And while harmony may have been the theme, on this stage cultures also clashed in the best way possible. While one American girl sang a classic Middle Eastern tune, several Arabs danced to a contemporary western beat. The group Sima, from Syria, they were the big winners. But Jennifer took it all in stride, even after some critics slammed the idea that an American might end up winning a competition for Arabs. She sent a message to her biggest supporters. She said, "Ok, I just want to thank - thank you so much for watching me and I love everybody back home and I love my family."

They love her back. In Raleigh, North Carolina, Jennifer's parents watched her perform with pride. Her father Daryl Grout said, "She's living her dream - it's what every parent wants." Her mother Susan Grout said, "I think she'll continue to do that - it doesn't end with a talent show. Exploring Arab music could take an entire lifetime."

Jennifer, who now heads back to Morocco, also hopes that'll be the case. She said, "It's been really encouraging. You know, it's been, I'm not gonna lie, it's been really stressful, especially today. But it kind of just passed and I can only hope that I learned from it."

And if she learned as much from her newfound audiences as they did from her, then Jennifer may have ended up winning big after all.

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