(CNN) - One of the joys of the holidays is seeing a loved one's reaction when they unwrap the perfect gift. Technology though has made keeping a surprise more difficult. So how can you guarantee that your gifts will be a surprise this year?

There's nothing like a surprise on Christmas morning, but combine online ordering and tech-savvy kids, and you've got a recipe for a ruined surprise.

On your family's shared computer, privacy isn't a sure thing and when it comes to gift giving, prying eyes may get the best of some kids. But secrecy is the goal this season. put together a list of some of the top ways you can protect your online holiday purchases so they are not uncovered before the holidays.

Tip one -- keep your history private. This is a simple thing we can all do. After you are done ordering presents online, make sure you delete your browsing and search history on your family's computer.

Tip two -- remember order and delivery notifications. After you order a gift, companies usually contact you many times with processing, shipment and delivery updates. All of those e-mails and texts increase the likelihood others may see the order. So, lock your computer and don't forget to lock your phone -- and program in a password so others can't hop on.

Time also recommends being proactive and turning off shipping notifications and the package tracking option. dubbed these clues "digital bread crumbs." You may not know you are leaving them behind, but you are. So, all of this is to make sure your kids don't pick up on them.

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