LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen has some great tips for your garden and easy stocking stuffers.

Scat, Cat

If you have cats digging around in your garden and using your flowerbeds and pots as a litter box then no worries. There are several things you can do! Start by removing all the droppings-cats go where their noses tell them cats have gone before. Follow up with a commercial cat repellent, to cover any smells left behind. Don't expect the repellent to perform like Hercules; you really do have to start by cleaning up.

One the odor problem is solved, make it hard for cats to dig by covering any open soil with landscape cloth or a very loose mulch such as pebbles or bark nuggets. This leaves newly planted soil as the only vulnerable area. Cover it with chicken wire until the new plants have achieved fair size and can be further protected with mulch, and you should have the little dears thoroughly thwarted.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Lotion Bars:

It's that time of year for the Christmas festivities to begin! We've got the perfect hostess gift for you this season, homemade lotion bars. You will need just 4 ingredients: beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oil. A soap mold will be used to create the bars. If your mold holds 4 bars, then fill one of the bars with equal parts of the above ingredients. Using a double boiler, melt the beeswax first. Once it has melted which may take a bit, add the olive oil, coconut oil, and several drops of the essential oil of your choice; we used honey almond. Once all ingredients have melted and have been stirred together, pour into the soap molds. Allow to set and pop them out once they're ready. Packaging can be just as nice as the gift. First, we wrapped the individual lotion bars in waxed paper. Next, we added crinkle paper into a clear cellophane bag. Add the lotion bar and close with colored wire. Continue adding wire and wrap each piece around a pencil to create a curled effect. This is a fun way to add a pop of color instead of the usual ribbon. Add wired Christmas balls or Christmas sprigs for a nice touch. For a gift tag, take fun scrapbook paper and cut out shapes. Hole punch the tag and add it to the wire. Now you have a fun and useful hostess gift to take to your next Christmas party!


- Beeswax
- Olive oil
- Coconut oil
- Essential oil
- Soap mold
- Cellophane bag
- Crinkle paper
- Colored wire
- Scrapbook paper/ hole punch

Bath Salt:

Pamper yourself and the hostess of your next Christmas party by creating bath salts! All you need is sea salt, essential oil of your choice, and a pretty glass container with lid. Simply scoop the sea salt into the glass container. Add a few drops of the essential oil, secure the lid, shake, and enjoy! That's it! Add Christmas ribbon or fresh greenery for a nice compliment to the bath salts.


- Sea salt
- Essential oil
- Pretty glass container with lid
- Christmas ribbon/ fresh greenery

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