Not one of the top five ads of 2013 was 30 seconds.

Only one was in the 60-second range. Most were closer to three minutes - an eternity in Conventional Ad Land.

Welcometo the New World of advertising. Never mind that Madison Avenue keepschurning out those 30-second jobbers like so much visual landfill.

The best ads of 2013, almost without exception, were made-to-go-viral videos that, for the most part, averaged more than three minutes each.

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But who's counting?

For one, the savviest advertisers are.

They'recounting on these viral ads - that actually have a beginning, middleand end - to become YouTube darlings that are passed around with evengreater frequency than a joint at a Grateful Dead memorial fest.

They'recounting on these viral ads - that actually have a beginning, middleand end - to become YouTube darlings that are passed around with evengreater frequency than a joint at a Grateful Dead memorial fest.

Whyspend a gazillion dollars on TV media time when you can get millions ofMillennials to pass it along for free? This burgeoning trendultimately will force advertisers, the networks and all of the mediaworld to concoct some sort of mass do-over that unchains ads from30-second hell.

From bottom to top, here are 2013's best ads - all of which went viral:

5. Chipotle:"The Scarecrow" (Moonbot Studios and CAA Marketing) 3:23. For thefirst three minutes and 20 seconds of this animated ad, you never see orhear the brand name Chipotle. Perhaps that's why it works so well. Abewildered scarecrow finds itself working for the sinister Crow Foods.Nothing is as it seems at Crow Foods. Behind the "Natural Foods"billboards are sad cows being injected with hormones. Even the meatthat Crow Foods sells comes stamped "100% beef-ish."

This scarecrow, however, mounts a truckload of courage. He quits hisday job and returns to his farm to nurture, grow and sell food that'sactually food. The ad takes a savvy swipe at America's industrial foodcomplex. And it shows a nation of consumers, hungry for a better way,that Chipotle just may be out in front of the food curve. On a scale ofone to five burritos, it's a five.

4. Pepsi Max:"Test Drive" (TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles) 3:46. After this ad lets youin, it locks the car doors and doesn't let you out. The setup isingenious. Race car champ Jeff Gordon - in a mild-mannered disguise -shows up in the lot of a used car dealership with his eyes on a Camaro.An unsuspecting used car salesman thinks he's found a real sucker andbaits him for a test drive.

In fact, it's the salesman who gets snookered the moment after he sits down and slaps onhis seat belt. Gordon takes him on the ride of his life. The salesmanutters all sorts of censored words and those - along his horrifiedfacial expressions - all are captured by an in-car camera. What sellsthis ad most of all is the salesman's reaction when the jig is up and hefinally realizes that it's all joke and he's the center of it. Hecasually asks: Wanna do it again? Our suggestion to Pepsi Max: Do itagain.

3. Volvo Trucks:"Epic Split" (Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg, Sweden) 1:17. When'sthe last time you watched an ad with your mouth agape? It's hard tostop watching and re-watching this ad for Volvo Trucks, which featuresthe ever-bendable Jean Claude Van Damme, pulling off Olympic-worthysplits between two Volvo trucks that ever-so-slowly edge away from eachother on a sunlit freeway. The only thing between the two trucks: VanDamme and his magical leg act. The music, which sounds like a crossbetween a Cirque du Soleil track and some Zen-like download of music tomeditate by, is perfectly haunting. It's no wonder this has become oneof the most-watched auto ads of the year. Did we forget to mention that the two trucks are driving backward?

I'mfine with the fact that the safety line to which Van Damme is attachedis air-brushed out of the ad. That's what makes it so much fun to watch.It feels like a high wire act with no net. The purpose of the ad: todemonstrate something dubbed Volvo Dynamic Steering. This may be theonly Volvo commercial that you actually remember the day after you watchit. And the day after that.

2. Unilever/Dove:

"Real Body Sketches" (Ogilvy & Mather, Brazil) 3:01. This ad is oneof the most viewed campaigns of the year. With good reason. Itoh-so-gently asks women to stop beating themselves up for the way theythink that they look. Dove even enlists an FBI sketch artist to draw women as they describe themselves. ("Big chin." "Big forehead." "Big nose.")

Next,he draws them as others describe them. ("Nice chin." "Cute nose." "Niceblue eyes.") The differences between the two drawings couldn't be morestriking. For all of the ads over the years that have tried toconvince women that they need to buy lots of stuff and make lots ofchanges to achieve anything close to a state of beauty, this Dove adruns the totally opposite direction. Its message: Never mind all that.The beauty is already there. With just a little assist from Dove, ofcourse.

1) TrueMove H mobile:"Giving" (Ogilvy & Mather, Thailand) 3:03. When's the last time youwatched an ad - in this case, an ad longer than three minutes - andwanted it to be longer? Maybe even a movie? The gritty streetscene shows a desperate, young boy stealing medicine for his ailingmother. He gets caught, but a kindly cafe owner not only not only paysfor it, but gives him some food, as well. Flash forward 30 yearslater: The café owner suffers a stroke - even as he's helping yetanother beggar. His daughter, overwhelmed with his medical bills, putsthe cafe up for sale. Then, she discovers the bill's been paid. Thatstreet boy who her father helped 30 years ago, it turns out, is none other than his doctor. He's picked up the tab.

Thead's slogan: "Giving is the best communication." What does any ofthis all have to do with a mobile phone company? Well, something aboutcommunication. But who cares? This is - far and away - the best ad ofthe year. And, the most beautifully filmed. You might say that in 2013,it's picked up the cosmic tab for the thousands of mostly forgettableads that the rest of the industry spewed out before it. Yes, this is thead that keeps on giving

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