Little Rock Family's editor, Heather Bennett, wishes you an "App-y New Year," encouraging parents to take note of some helpful apps for their smartphones or tablets.

As a modern parent, the pressure is always on to save money, remember every game, practice and homework assignment, or stay up on the latest social media. It can be very overwhelming, but Bennett shared 8 apps to simplify your life and keep you organized in the new year.

1. QBOT - Get coupons and points for shopping area stores and restauants
2. IBOTTA - Get paid real cash just for buying your favorite products.
3. Google Keep - Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it. Everything you add is instantly available on all your devices.
4. Pocket - Whenever you come across an interesting article, video, or website you want to check out later, you no longer have to send yourself links or bookmark items in your browser. Simply put it in your Pocket.
5. MYHOMEWORK - Helpsorganize and arrangehomework. It is equipped with alarms and notifications to help you remember your duties or tasks.
6. ISIS Mobile Wallet - With IsisĀ®, you can pay with a tap of your phone.
7. FAMILYBASE - With Verizon FamilyBase, you can see how your kids are using their phones to help them learn responsible phone use.
8. Safely Go - Safely Go receive your calls and texts, keeping you connected and responsible, and making you - and the road - safer.

These apps can be found in your Google Play or Apple App Store; to read more about them, pick up the January 2014 edition of Little Rock Family and look for the article on page 10.

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