CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - A new year brings new budget concerns for the city of Conway.

The city's sales tax revenue has remained flat since 2009. Mayor Tab Townsell said this year's budget will cover just the bare essentials.

"I would agree with some budget cuts," said Conway resident Jeffrey Karlson.

The problem is keeping up with rising operation costs for the city. "Conway's got to bring some more things to the community some more business to bring more sales tax revenue," said developer George Covington, Sr.

Conway resident Nancy Williams said the city's recent flat revenue is surprising. "A lot of people have really made it a point to shop locally this holiday season," Williams said.

Covington said Conway is missing those manufacturing jobs and doesn't seem to be gaining them anytime soon.

"There's also been a lack of residential construction in recent years," he said.

Natural gas jobs have slowly been migrating to other parts of the state. The city isn't likely to see revenues increase soon either. Most of the development and construction in Conway isn't set to finish up until 2016.

"A lot of these developments are going to be two or three years down the road, they're not going to happen all this year. Some of them may get started this year," Covington said.

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