NIAGRA FALLS (CBS) -- The polar vortex sweeping many parts of North America has frozen part of Niagara Falls, presenting a picturesque view to tourists.

Icicles hanging around the falls, along with their splashing water and frequent rainbows, have attracted more visitors than in previous winters.

"It's beautiful. We don't see it often in winter," said a woman.

"It's so close and we don't come here that often. We come here in the summer not that often in the winter. But when we knew the ice was here, we thought we'd better come and take a look. It's a beautiful day," said a man.

"I think it's definitely something you haven't been before. You have to come to check it out. It's a pretty eye-opening experience," said another man.

"Beautiful beautiful site. So we have to come and see it today before it melted," said another woman.

Sitting on the border of Canada and the United States, the Niagara Falls is the world's largest waterfall and one of Canada's most popular tourist spots.

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