YORK, PA (CBS/WHP) -- A local second grader has found a cure for loneliness and his idea is spreading across the country and encouraging everyone to be buddies.

A particular bench at Roundtown Elementary School isn't an ordinary bench. Christian Bucks said, "It's for kids who are feeling lonely out at recess and they don't have anything to do."

When a student sits on this bench, it sends a signal to other kids that they're in need of a buddy. Bucks said, "They go sit on the buddy bench and somebody will come ask if they want to play or talk."

The idea for the 'buddy bench' came from second grader Christian Bucks, who did it all to keep his fellow students from being lonely. His mom Alyson said, "It's just such a simple idea that really helps everybody and it should be something that is almost a staple on playgrounds across the country."

Christian came up with the idea when his family was looking to move abroad. Christian saw a similar bench on the internet at a school in Germany. He said, "In one of the pictures I saw the buddy bench and I asked what it was for and once I knew I told my principal and thought it would be a great idea to have it at our school."

Principal Matthew Miller said, "This was a new idea for me, and it was from a student."

Christian presented the idea to his school, and since May, they have been raising money to pay for the bench, which was put in back in November. Christian said, "Some people who are lonely out at recess are saying thank you, they're saying great job."

Miller added, "This was a really simple idea that is resonating with people."

Christian's idea for the buddy bench has gained national attention, but Christian is just happy he's able to keep his classmates from being lonely, and allowing everyone on the playground to always have a buddy.

Christian is hoping that this idea will spread across the country so that no one will have to be alone at recess ever again.

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