LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Two local Greek organizations handed out backpacks to the homeless Saturday morning as the Chi Eta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha joined forces to give back to their community.

"We were inspired last year by seeing someone homeless give a cup of coffee to someone homeless on the street," said Chi Eta Omega Chapter President Phillis Anderson.

But, Anderson wanted to do even more than that. This year, around 70 members prepped 40 backpacks to give out to those in need.

"We have non-perishable items," said Homeless Backpack Chairperson Eltrudia Adams. "We also got a few containers because we know they go eat at Salvation Army and things like that."

The bags included items like granola bars, hand wipes, fruit cups, beef jerky, and chips. Adams said it took weeks of preparation to gather and purchase the items.

"Members of Alpha Phi Alpha have donated coats," Anderson said. This is a big help with the growing homeless male population.

"We actually go to various sites," said Marq Golden, Pi Lambda Chapter President. "We've located sites that have heavy populations of homeless people."

"We're very excited about just being able to do just this little bit and hope that they just see the compassion that we have for them and hope that we've touched them in some type of special way," Anderson added.

Still, Anderson wishes she could do more.