Most everybody loves pasta and indulging in it from time to time. And did you know there are actually health benefits to enjoying the popular carb?

Mag for Womenlists some of pasta's health benefits:

1: Helps promote healthy vision.
Pasta is rich in vitamin A, which helps to promote healthy vision.

2: Consuming pasta is also good for the skin.

It helps to promote growth of new skin cells.

3: It helps in hair growth.

Whole wheat pasta is rich in folic acid. If you suffer from hair fall problem, then increase consumption of pasta in your diet plan. Folic acid also helps reduce acne and breakouts on the skin.

4: Helps improve cardiovascular health.

As pasta is rich in potassium, it helps reduce the high cholesterol in the body, which prevents heart disease.

5: It is good for muscle health.

Consumption of pasta on a regular basis helps to prevent the problem of muscle stiffness in the body.
It also helps to relax the muscle spasms and pains.

6: It is good for the bones .

Pasta is rich in amino acids and proteins. Proteins help to maintain the bone health.
Intake of pasta can also help to prevent bone related pain. If you suffer from the problem of joint pains, then have pasta at least twice in a week.

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