Facebook's latest creation, Paper, is officially available in the U.S., on iOS only. Originally pegged as a content reader, it's much more than that.

Inside the digital-newspaper-like application, you'll find messages, a search feature, notifications, and a totally different profile look. It's like Facebook, but without the clutter, and curated to fit a user's news needs.

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I'm one of those people who likes to see change- I change my hair a lot, I rearrange my house constantly, and I even switch out my iPhone's lock screen background on an almost-weekly basis. So it's really no surprise that I would adore a brand-new design of Facebook, since it's the platform I spend the majority of my time on as a Social Media Coordinator.

When I excitedly opened the app for the first time, it immediately prompted me to customize Paper's sections to fit me. I chose things like Headlines, Pop Life, Home, and Exposure. It reminds me very heavily of Flipboard, which I use most often on the iPad. Paper, however, in my opinion, operates much smoother... and Flipboard is pretty smooth.

After you've customized Paper, each time you open the app thereafter, you'll see your Facebook feed first. You then swipe to see all the latest stories in your customized sections.

My initial reaction to Paper is that it totally rocks, and gives me a new perspective on getting news via Facebook. It will take some getting used to, but I'm excited and think it's going to do really well. Smart move, Facebook.


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