LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you don't have any gift ideas yet, Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens shares some great craft ideas you can do for your loved one.

Valentine Centerpiece:

Whether you are hosting a Valentine dinner for friends or enjoying your special someone's company, this Valentine centerpiece will be a true treat! You will need oasis foam, silk flowers, hot glue gun, and an elongated, rectangular poster frame. First, take apart the sides of the poster frame and flip the original piece of paper over to display the blank side and cover with the original plexiglass. Put frame pieces back together. You will now cover three blocks of oasis foam in silk flowers. We used small, red flowers and took them apart incorporating the green leaves as well. Hot glue the flowers until the oasis foam is completely covered. Repeat these steps on all three blocks. Once complete, place each oasis block covered with flowers down the center of the poster frame leaving a few inches in between each block. This project may also be completed using fresh flowers. The poster board frame acts as a "protective platter" if you choose to soak the oasis foam in water when using fresh flowers.


- Rectangle Poster Frame
- 3 oasis foam blocks
- Silk or fresh flowers
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Moss Heart

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so why not display a moss covered heart for your front door or a mirror indoors! Using white foam core board, draw a large heart and cut the heart out using a razor blade. Next, hot glue ribbon of your choice on the backside creating a large loop for hanging purposes. Using a hot glue gun, cover the front and backside of the heart with sheet moss. You may add whimsical butterflies or any decoration of your choice.


- Foam core board
- Razor blade
- Sheet moss
- Ribbon
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue
- Decoration of choice

Valentine Initial Glasses

It's that time of year to toast to our special someone! Why not create simple and inexpensive Valentine glasses with your initials! Simply take any clear glass and place letter stickers onto the glass representing yours and your special someone's initials. For example: P + E on one glass and E + P on another glass. You may be as creative as you'd like by adding heart shaped stickers too! You may spray the glasses with a clear coat to protect the stickers. Cheers to your Valentine!


- Clear glasses (found at the dollar store)
- Letter stickers (local craft store)
- Protective spray optional

Valentine Beta Fish Gift

Give your Valentine something different this year! Create a Valentine Beta fish arrangement! You will need: a clear vase, rocks and/or colorful gravel, one Btta fish, a clear plastic dish, a straw, and a Peace Lily plant. First, prepare your vase and stones/colorful gravel with tap water to remove any dust particles. Next, remove the Peace Lily from the pot and rinse the soil off the roots. Trim the bottom of the roots to where they are even. Cut a hole about the size of a quarter in the bottom of a 4" plastic planting tray that will fit inside the mouth of the vase. Pull the roots throughout the opening in the plastic tray and place plant inside. Place the stones/colorful gravel at the bottom of the vase. Fill the vase with room temperature water preferably bottled water. If using tap water, be sure to use drops to neutralize the chlorine. Gently place the Beta fish into the vase. Put the plant with the plastic tray inside the mouth of the vase. Cut the straw into a 3 inch piece and place the straw inside the opening with the plant to where half of the straw is inside the vase, and the other half is sticking out. This provides a constant source of air. Place more stones inside the plastic tray to secure plant. Tie a decorative bow around the top of the vase. For an added pop of color and to honor the special day, place colorful, heart shaped stones at the bottom of the vase as well. These stones may be found in the jewelry department of your local craft store.

Here are some helpful hints for caring for your Beta fish:

Feed once daily through the straw.
Only place ONE Beta fish inside the vase as they do not get along with other fish.
Add water daily if necessary.
Clean vase one time per week.


- Clear vase
- Rocks and/or colorful gravel
- One Betta fish
- Bottled water or tap water with drops
- Clear plastic planting dish
- Peace Lily
- Colorful heart shaped stones
- Ribbon

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