PALM SPRINGS, CA (CNN) -- It may not fly, but it sure is nice to look at.

An artist created this bejeweled helicopter to put on display at this week's Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.

Steve Maloney says the work draws on his fascinations with the Wild West, pop art and, if you couldn't tell, 21st century luxury.

He created the sculpture from objects he found and refashioned. He said, "I found the boneyard piece out at the Palm Springs Air Museum and then made a deal with I'm to buy the fuselage. And then from there went on to make the project. And the first thing I saw when I was out there was a void where the engine would have been and I saw the mountains in the background. And from my past childhood memories and everything I knew probably a western saddle would fit in there."

The chopper includes a Swarovski crystal chandelier and even an iPad loaded with a flight simulator.

It goes on display at the fair Thursday.

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