UNDATED (CNN) -- It's not usually newsworthy when another Starbucks opens. But this new coffee shop is calling itself "Dumb Starbucks" with otherwise identical logos and signage to the java giant.

Now open in Los Feliz, no, it's not another Starbucks. It's the coffee mermaid's dumb alter-ego. But if you want a great cup of Joe, you've come to the wrong place.

Despite the terrible coffee, people are lining up and waiting for as long as an hour, for a dumb venti, dumb jazz standards, or just to be called dumb on their cups.

Its origins and owner are a mystery; so is the dumb menu. When asked to speak to the manager, one never came out, and the baristas aren't much help, saying they answered a wanted ad.

A flyer explains it's a legit coffee house, but is calling itself parody art to skirt trademark laws and use the Starbucks name and logo for marketing reasons.

It is the talk of social media. One patron wrote, "Go buy some @dumbstarbucks before dumb lawyers get to it."

And the concept's already spawning knock-offs. One person wrote, "Genius! I'm about to open a dumb McDonald's." and even Starbucks loyalists are dropping by.

The real Starbucks says it's confirmed the store isn't one of theirs and it's looking into the matter. But we're guessing the company thinks the idea is, well, dumb.

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