LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Sports heroes usually hail from major sports we see on T.V., but here in Arkansas, we see things a little differently.

On Tuesday, we to started looking for those lesser known champs, and we begin with Archery. THV 11's Rolly Hoyt checked out a high school team that's aiming high.

Adjust your idea of the high school gym-rat, and say hello to a different kind of high school athletics.

These kids are a part of the fast-growing club sport of Archery, and as you can see, it's an overflowing crowd.

At Joe T. Robinson High in Pulaski County, they are in the 3rd year of the program, shot to life with a grant from the state Game and Fish Commission.

"It really has grown in popularity. We have about 500 schools across the state that are participating in archery in ANESP as part of their in-class curriculum so really we're about 36-thousand kids a year are getting to experience archery so it's really taken off here," said Curtis Gray, ANASP Coordinator.

Many at Robinson are new to the sport, and most are not your typical jocks.They got involved for different reasons but they feel the same way the basketball hero feels as that big shot goes up.

"As soon as you get ready to shoot, it's a rush. I just thought it would be a useful skill, plus I needed a way to release some anger and stress," said senior archer, Chanty Gray.

No matter the reason they're involved, Coach Mike Morrison is glad to be teaching a sport that these kids can play their entire lives.

"A lot of kids saw it and saw how fun and exciting it can be and they just wanted to give it a shot. They wanted to try it out. And they've enjoyed it immensely and some of them have gotten really good at it," said Morrison.

The team is preparing for the regional tournament on Saturday, February 15th. From there, it's off to the state tournament where the atmosphere definitely resembles your typical high school athletic contest.

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