(USA TODAY) -- Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus - and dad of twerking and tongue-wagging Miley Cyrus - has released a rap version of his 1992 hit Achy Breaky Heart.

Achy Breaky 2 features a rapper named Buck 22, whose Twitter page says, "The new revolution of Country Music mixed with Hip-Hop. Join the movement."

This video may not be suitable to view at work.

Buck 22 may not be a well-known name, but he has some music credentials. He's the son of actor/jazz drummer Bill Elliott and singer Dionne Warwick and has worked with artists from Beyoncé to Britney Spears, according to his website.

The music video for Achy Breaky 2 features an introduction with Larry King announcing there has been "an unidentified flying object seen transcending over Europe."

The video then shows Cyrus and Buck 22 getting abducted by a spaceship. The two perform the song surrounded by scantily clad, alien women. And yes, there's twerking.

The response to the song on Twitter has not been exactly welcoming.

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