UNDATED (KTHV) -- From a son trying to cheer up his sick mom to a a principal who once cleaned his school's floors, there are plenty of positive stories from the past week that are definitely on the 'brighter side'.

Basketball player with Down syndrome wows crowd
There was no shortage of emotion on display when Kevin Grow got a chance to play for the Bensalem (Pa.) Fighting Owls late in the fourth quarter against Neshaminy (Pa.) Saturday.

After all, the senior with Down syndrome has been the basketball team's beloved manager for four straight years.

With a little help from his Owl teammates and some gracious sportsmanship from Neshaminy, the coast was cleared for Grow to score a layup. Feeling good about the close-range finish, Grow thought it prudent to start shooting from beyond the arc. And good thing he did, since he absolutely caught fire from 3-point land. Including a buzzer beater from beyond the arc, Grow hit four -- count 'em, four -- three pointers to close out the memorable game for everyone in attendance.

Son writes message in snow for sick mom
When Shari Hart was diagnosed with leukemia last week, her 14-year-old son wanted to do something special.

So, this past weekend he wrote her a simple message: "HI MOM," with a smiley face inside the O.

Two simple words that had a big impact, because of the effort it took. Her son, Will, didn't simply write those words in a text message or on a greeting card, he wrote it in giant letters in the snow on the roof of the parking garage across the street from his mom's room at Rush University Medical Center.

Later, with the help of his dad, Will added a few more words: "GOD BLESS U."

1 Million Facebook fans will surprise lonely 10-year-old

When 10-year-old Colin from Kalamazoo, Mich., told his mother that he didn't want to have a party this year, she didn't listen.

Colin, who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, often acts out in school and has a hard time getting along with the other kids in his class.

So for Colin's eleventh birthday, his mother decided to forget about sending invitations to the kids at his school. Instead, she created a Facebook page where people around the world could send him positive thoughts and encouraging messages.

She created the page "Happy Birthday Colin" page on Feb. 2, and it quickly took off. At the time of writing, the page boasted 1.3 million Likes.

The best part: Colin still has no idea about the page. He doesn't turn 11 until March 9, so there is still plenty of time to help make Colin's birthday the most memorable yet.

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