SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN) -- We've got some un-bull-lievable video for you: a runaway bull ended up in a very unlikely place!

It was early morning when Dottie Bierschwale first spotted about a half dozen cows and bulls roaming her neighborhood on the southeast side near Salado Creek. Animal care services say they got loose from a nearby property and they eventually finding their way into her family's back yard. She said, "They wound up trying to start to move and then I guess they couldn't tell that the pool was covered and one fell in."

Bierschwale had a bull in the deep end of her pool. Soon police and ACS showed up and quickly realized they didn't have the manpower or equipment to get it out. Walter Yates with the San Antonio Fire Dept. said, "Well, I've never pulled a bull out of a pool. I've pulled a couple of donkeys out of a well."

That's when the fire department's "technical rescue team" came to the rescue. They provided us with these photos and cell phone video of the operation. Yates said, "The problem at that point is you have an unruly animal and you've got to keep from getting kicked and that kind of stuff."

Finally, after a few minutes, the bull was out. Once out of the water the city's chief veterinarian treated the bull for hypothermia.

As for getting him into the trailer, it was once again a team effort.

ACS says the owner of this livestock received multiple citations and may also get a bill.

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