LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A man convicted of a 1993 killing at a Little Rock laundromat is asking the Arkansas Supreme Court to allow him to be resentenced on grounds that he's not the one who pulled the trigger.

State appeals have already run their course for 42-year-old Terrick Nooner. But his lawyers are to argue Thursday before the high court that the case should be reopened.

Nooner is seeking a new sentencing hearing. He claims that another person convicted in the case, who was sentenced to life in prison, actually shot 22-year-old Scot Stobaugh.

Nooner also claims his jury disregarded mitigating evidence and that he has mental health issues to be litigated.

Nooner argues that the Supreme Court made an error in 1995 when it did not raise certain issues on his behalf.

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