LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We're continuing our celebration of Black History month with a look at how Arkansans shaped the African American culture.

There is a lot of history and preservation of the African American heritage at EMOBA. And a new exhibit is in the works called "Unsolved Memories".

They are asking you to bring in your old photos hoping to link together unknown family members and friends.

Arkansans with African American heritage are celebrating their ancestors throughout the month of February for breaking through racial barriers and trail blazing their own success. Ernie Dodson said, "Behind each person, I believe, that the foundation is the family."

This is a family business for Ernie Dodson who is fronting a movement to preserve her past through her own museum about the history of Black Arkansans. She said, "I feel that our history is a mega puzzle. Everybody has a piece of life in this puzzle. if we take pictures and we put them together we can tell the whole story of some of our heritage here in Arkansas."

These pictures inspired EMOBA to start an exhibit called "Unsolved Memories". The exhibit hopes to take pictures from the past and piece them to our knowledge of the present. Ernie said, "I have a shoe box that was handed down that was handed down from my mom and my dad of a lot of pictures. There's so many memories in this box that I know other people, other families have these memories. Out of these pictures, we're going to find that we have a lot of scholars, we got a lot of nurses, we got doctors, we got military officers..."

Finding familiarity and local legacy. Program coordinator Fretonzia Hickman said, "It's bringing people together saying, 'Hey! I got a picture that looks just like that in our family album, maybe I can contribute to finding out who this person is.'"

They are hoping to tie the knots in these long lines of black history. Ernie said, "We want to solve those memories and with the help of you and the community, we can do that."

You can start contributing personal photos to the "Unsolved Memories" exhibit by calling EMOBA at501-372-0018or through their website at

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