HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - Census figures tell us 24 percent of children live with only their mothers.

In other words, there are many single moms waking up every morning juggling childcare schedules and money-making jobs.

Normally, professional athletes are not placed in this situation. THV 11's Rolly Hoyt introduces us to one mom who is.

The pre-dawn packing of blankets binkies and bottles for a day at day care. This mom has a meeting with her partners as soon as she gets to her office.

Rosemary Homeister Junior is one of the leading female jockeys in history. She won awards as a rookie, she won meet championships in her native Florida, and she's ridden in the Kentucky Derby.

This morning, she has to hustle through the barn area. 4 years ago, Rosie went from top jock to single mom.

But like most top athletes, Homeister is wired differently. Riding is what she knows, and has always known. Her daughter is hungry, and riding pays the bills.

"When I first came back after having a baby I was just...my focus was just being a good mom, but getting food on the table and getting back into acting, riding, winning races, and getting my career back on track," said Homeister.

Her agent Bob Dean has been booking rides for jockeys for 15 years.

"She sells herself more than anything. She's not afraid to go talk to anybody. And will, if she doesn't get done the first time will go after it the second, the third and if it takes four, she's still gonna try," said Dean.

Armed with that charm Homeister makes the rounds, and she has a backup plan: selling cosmetics to wives, friends and even fellow jockeys.

"You always have to have a plan B. I mean everybody's different. Every sport is different. But in this business, you gotta suck it up. Be tough. Get out there. Stop complaining - I don't care and just keep turning left. Keep moving forward and keep turning left," said Homeister.

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