LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - At a bond hearing on Thursday, a judge reduced Willie Noble's bond from $1,000,000 to $500,000. Noble was charged with Saturday's murder of 15-year-old Adrian Broadway.

"I know he has remorse," said James Burnside, Noble's cousin.

According to the police report, Noble shot from his front door when he saw someone messing with his car. It turns out Broadway, and other teens, were playing a prank on Noble's teenage son.

Several witnesses took the stand on Thursday, including his cousin, Burnside.
He lives across the street and told the court that the teens involved threw eggs at his own house.

"He wasn't intending to do that," Burnside said. "I mean it was just an accident."

The prosecuting attorney called Noble's actions a clear disregard of safety.

In an attempt to establish Noble's character, his attorney Lott Rolfe presented witnesses who had positive things to say about his client.

Noble's wife, Pamela, fought back tears as she took the stand.

"He's always been a worker, a provider," she said. "He made a mistake, though but he's a good man."

She told the court how on the night of the incident, Noble had taken her to dinner for Valentine's Day.

She said she had no knowledge of the prank involving her teenage son until she heard it from police.

We learned new details about Mr. Noble's life - he's raised three children with Pamela, has four grandchildren, has another on the way, and has worked at Baldore Electric.

Noble's sister, Helen Noble Evans took the stand and called her brother a responsible man.

"He's the type of man who is going to handle this," Evans said. "He knows this is tragic. If I could, I would stake my freedom on it that he's going to stand up to this."

When asked if she thought her husband was a flight risk, Pamela said "My husband isn't a threat to anybody. Me and his boys are here, he's not going anywhere."

For Burnside, reducing Noble's bond to just a half million dollars wasn't enough.

"I just think it's just too much," Burnside said. "I'll see what we can get together and do."

Noble sat quietly in the courtroom, showing little expression. Rolfe said he plans to examine the case from all sides to determine whether or no self-defense would apply.

Prank goes wrong, leaving 15-year-old Adrian Broadway dead during shooting in southwest Little Rock

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