LONDON(CNN) -- In a world focused on making life easier, it seems you can have almost everything delivered. From groceries to books, you don't have to go far to get what you want. But what about the Friday beer?

For many, it's a weekly ritual to head to the pub to unwind at the start of the weekend. But even that can come to you.

Steve Marshall, founder of the startup Desk Beers, has just brought a case of craft beer to the offices of Tribe Sports in east London.

The staff, though, had to wait for the ok from the boss. To be fair, the boss may have cracked open the bottles now because cameras were there but he usually makes them wait. CTO Andrew McDonough said, "We used to just go down to the supermarket and then we would have a countdown on the screen there - counting down to five o'clock."

But with these deliveries, employees get a taste of some local craft beers they may not have tried before. Co-founder Steve Marshall said, "We work all week leading up to the Friday.. then on Friday I show up with a box of beers - everyone's best friend."

But Marshall and his colleague can't hang around and share in a beer. it's off to the next of the two dozen or so offices that placed a Friday afternoon delivery.

In preparation, earlier on Friday, Desk Beers made pickups at various London craft breweries like Beavertown, who produces about 10,000 bottles a week, hand filled, hand capped and hand labeled.

But owner Logan plant has a surprise in store, he will soon sell craft beer in a can.

You might think Desk Beers is thinking expansion. Marshall said, "It's as much an ethical question, really, isn't it. Do you want to be promoting drinking every night of the week? Friday is a good day to do it."

For now, it's about booking more Friday offices like online eTailer Lyst. Eddy Bell loved the idea as soon as Desk Beers launched. He said, "It gives the team something to look forward to - it brings them together, gives us a chance to unwind and to socialize..."

Management caved in and now pays Desk Beers charges around $5 a bottle and delivery included!

But Marshall can't have a beer yet, there are still more creative types chained to their desks, waiting for that box.

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