PERRY COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansas State Police responded to the scene of a shooting in Perry County around 1:50 Sunday morning. When police arrived they found 48-year-old, and former Arkansas drug task force agent, Michael Steele dead with a gunshot wound to the chest.

"It wasn't normal gunfire," said Ed Steffer, whose wife called the police. "[My wife] said it sounded like a pop pop pop, like an automatic [rifle]."

Ed Steffer lives on Baylor House Road. His wife woke him up when she heard the shots.
"[It was] nothing like I've ever heard up here," said Steffer's wife, Carol Steffer. "I'm used to hearing twenty-twos and all kinds of things, [but] this thing was bizarre."

Neighbors said there was a party going on down the road when the guests started fighting. Steele was on his way to meet up with his nephew, who was at the party, when a man followed them from the house. Neighbors are unclear what happened at that point, but that's when Carol Steffer called police.

"She talked to the same dispatcher and heard a voice in the background excitedly saying something's going on on Baylor House," said Ed.

Carol said knowing this happened right near her is heartbreaking. "I went to bed at 5 o'clock this morning. I haven't been able to get [myself] under control knowing what happened," she said.

The same goes for her husband, who moved to Baylor House Road six years ago because of its quiet nature. "It made me feel kind of weird, I mean it really hit close to home because you don't expect those things to happen all the way out here," he said.

One man has been taken into custody and awaits formal charges.