NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - A company said it has faced challenges since seeking approval to put a care home on a residential street in North Little Rock.

"Part of the House of Threes issues with North Little Rock has been that they were originally approved to start this home then the approval was withdrawn," said Dana McClain, an attorney for House of Three.

The company filed a complaint with the Fair Housing Commission on the ground of disability discrimination.

Three elderly people would live in the home. A nurse would be on site to care for the elderly people.

Neighbors in the area said they welcome the home, but are concerned about the area being rezoned commercial.

"The way the request came to us was for a rezone and a special use which I think the city council felt wasn't appropriate to drop a business into a R1 zone without further study," said Jason Carter, an attorney for the city of North Little Rock.

The city council fears any business could opened on the street if it were to rezone the area.

"We've gotten some answers. We've worked with the state of Arkansas and I anticipate a proposal at the next meeting," said Carter.

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