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Tornado Hits 1 Arkansas Street Particularly Hard

Mark Wade and his family heard the dire warnings on TV and the tornado sirens, and were prepared to ride out the storm in their closet when a neighbor across the street on Vilonia's Aspen Creek Drive yelled out: "Come over! We're going in the storm cellar!"

$2M Donation Will Renovate Chapel at University of the Ozarks

A $2 million gift to the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville will benefit the school's Raymond Munger Memorial Chapel.

Coach is going out of fashion among investors

Coach could sure use better shoes to impress Wall Street. The company is going out of fashion quickly with investors.

You can now use the iPhone for free, as long as you don't mind old gear

To date, FreedomPop's no-cost phone service has been attached to older Android phones. That's fine for many, but not exactly diverse. Your choices are a little better now that carrier has added iPhone support to its lineup, though.

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