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America's Car-Mart 4Q Profit Drops 28 Percent

America's Car-Mart Inc. of Bentonville on Tuesday reported fourth-quarter net income of $6.8 million, down 28 percent from $8.8 million it reported in the same quarter last year.

Mail delivery to the door could become a thing of the past for many

Currently, 37 million American homes and businesses get mail delivered at the doors. Now, about 15 million of them are at risk of losing home delivery, if House Republicans have their way. It will only affect homes that get deliveries at mailboxes or mail slots at the door, not those that have a mailbox at the end of their driveways.

Facebook will no longer share all of your activity by default

Facebook revoked Instagram's auto-posting credentials recently, and it looks like the social network is going a lot further than it's own properties. After noticing that links and other activity shared by knowingly tapping the blue "F" button garner more interest, Zuckerberg & Co. are scaling back the amount of automatically-posted content that shows up in the News Feed.

The US military wants brain implants to treat combat trauma

For soldiers coping with brain injuries and post-traumatic stress, coming home may be tougher than the actual fighting; their conditions can last a lifetime. Long-term relief may be on the horizon for US veterans, though. DARPA is supporting the White House's brain mapping initiative by funding the development of implants (conceptualized below) that alleviate the symptoms of warriors' mental problems, ranging from PTSD to extreme depression.

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