CNN Money's Maribel Aber has the latest business and financial news for May 30.

Stephens Media Confirms Times Record Layoffs

Fort Smith's Southwest Times Record is the latest Stephens Media-owned publication to experience layoffs due to budget cuts. Publisher Tom Stallbaumer on Thursday confirmed that there were five layoffs this week, adding that he "can't really get into a ton of specifics."

Ford recalls affect 1.4 million vehicles

Ford announced Thursday four recalls affecting at least 1.4 million vehicles, the majority of which are popular SUVs that may have steering issues.

Few female engineers and execs at Google

Google, like most Silicon Valley companies, has a big diversity problem. One of the biggest is the relative lack of women -- particularly in the executive ranks.

MSU technology gets drinkable water from manure

Michigan State University says a technology for extracting drinkable water from manure is on its way to commercial application this year.

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