LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "The car actually came from Cantrell up here on the hill. And then it just didn't stop. It just kept going," Harry Huchingson explains. Knocking the owner of the Tennis Shoppe, Huchingson, to the ground, and injuring one of his employees. Huchingson continues, "My employee was up here in the window but saw it coming and started running."

But not before the car would run into the counter, knocking it over, onto the legs of that employee. Huchingson adds, "I think it's what broke her leg."

Now, just two days after the crash, the Tennis Shoppe reopens for business. Huchingson uses all the help he can get to clean up the chars of glass that remain and service customers. "We've got a makeshift folding table, checkout counter. So we're in business," Huchingson explains.

As a small business owner, Huchingson says he simply can't afford to stay closed until all the repairs are made. He explains, "Cash flow. We have bills to pay and everything, so this is our busy time of year, the spring of year, going into summer. It's important for us to be open for our customers."

That is exactly what he will continue to do, but now with an even greater spirit of gratitude. Huchingson adds, "Thankful that the shop and the merchandise can be replaced. And we're thankful there wasn't any loss of life."

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