LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Here are five headlines to know for the morning of Thursday Aug. 7. For more headlines go to


Hearings to be held on private option changes

Arkansas is holding two hearings on proposals to require participants in the state's compromise Medicaid expansion to contribute to health savings accounts and face new limits on emergency transportation.

'Living on the edge' poverty simulator at UCA shows harsh reality

A new simulation on UCA's campus may look like a game, but it's serious business. In an experiential setting, people can view poverty from different angles.


Playground stabbing victim: 'I'll love you forever'

Several hundred people gathered for a candlelight vigil Wednesday night at the park where 9-year-old Michael "Connor" Verkerke was stabbed.

Court weighs 4 states' gay marriage cases

Two Republican-appointed judges weighing the fate of gay marriage in four states didn't give much away as they peppered lawyers on both sides Wednesday with hard-hitting questions.


Singer/songwriter Kris Allen says goodbye to Arkansas

Arkansas native Kris Allen is saying goodbye to his home state, according to the singer/songwriter's Instagram account.

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