LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)--A legally blind Little Rock man is hunting down the man he says mugged him and made off with his smartphone.

Two weeks ago Leon Tidwell was robbed and beaten near Boyle Park in Little Rock. Now, his stolen smartphone is leaving behind a trail of evidence. Tidwell said he feels like he's being taunted by the man who allegedly beat him over the head and stole from him.

"I was walking up Boyle Park just off of University, and I walked past this guy, and I didn't think nothing about it. He turns around and hits me over the head," recalled Tidwell.

After, a trip to the emergency room and five staples in his scalp, Tidwell assumed he would never see his phone or the man who attacked him ever again until, Tidwell received a photo of the suspect in his Dropbox.

"Monday night I was looking for a photo on Dropbox that I had lost on that phone, and I found these pictures of the guy who mugged me there," said Tidwell.

He said the alleged attacker took several self portraits and even attempted to record a video.

"As long as there's a wi-fi signal that phone will continue to upload photos until the app's shutdown, and apparently, he didn't know what was going on."

The evidence police think they need track down their suspect is now in a folder titled "Bad Guy."

"The police officers have the photo. I think they know who it is, and I think they're going to get him."

Also, thanks to Facebook, the alleged suspect's photo is being shared throughout the social media community.

"No telling how many people shared this photo and shared the information about this guy and that's going to lead to his capture."

Tidwell said he's not angry at his attacker, but he does want justice so this incident doesn't happen again.

"You know the old cliche', crime doesn't pay. Really it doesn't because in the end, it's going to catch you."

Little Rock Police detectives now have Tidwell's Dropbox folder as evidence and expect an arrest soon.

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