HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Hot Spring County couple is in jail after authorities say they found an elaborate marijuana growing operation inside their home. And authorities believe the couple exposed their kids to it.

The Hot Spring County Sheriff's office put up a sign in the couple's yard on Thursday that partially read "Drug House Closed Down." Inside the house, a few days ago, they say they found dozens of marijuana plants and all the gear to grow them.

"15 feet from the front door started the operation coming down a short entry way into this back area here," Hot Spring County Deputy Chief Kim Hall said, giving us a tour around the home Thursday.

Hall filled us in on why this Bismark Home along Tupelo Trail now has a new sign posted out front.

"Once we went inside, we found 35 plants, everything from small new growth all the way to some that were two to three feet in height," Hall said.

Hall says that asearch warrant at the home Tuesday turned up the plants.He says the warrant came after a tip about children possibly living here with illegal drugs.

"We feel they were exposed to it, you could get contact exposure just by walking into the residence," Hall said.

The sheriff's office doesn't know how many kids lived here yet but Hall believes they're staying with other family members right now while Chad and Joleen Crumpton sit in jail for allegedly growing the marijuana.

"It's obviously been here for a while, we're not sure of the exact time, once again this whole thing is still under investigation," Hall said.

Hall says that investigation will also see if this operation is part of larger drug ring. For now, authorities are just absorbing this major find.

"It makes you wonder what is going on in some of the residences, you know just by passing you would never have thought," Hall said.

Hall also noted that this marijuana growing operation featured a water-based growing system inside the home. He says that's different from the more typical growing operations they come across on the job, which are soil-based.

As for the couple arrested,Chad and Joleen Crumptonboth face charges of possession and manufacture of narcotics and endangering the welfare of a minor.Chad Crumple is at the Hot Spring County Jail and his wife is at the Sheridan City Detention Center.

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