HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Police are looking for the people who stole an Al Capone sign from the Hot Springs Gangster Museum.

Surveillance video shows agroup of four young men walking down Central Avenue. Two of them turn around as one walked to the corner of the building, while the other picked up the Al Capone sign sitting in front of The Gangster Museum and took off running.

"It usually comes in every night. It was accidentally left out," said Executive Director Robert Raines.

There is more than $500 invested in the sign, and the director of The Gangster Museum wants it back because of its historical value.

"We don't necessarily want to start a police record for these kids," he continued. "We just want them to bring the sign back, that's all."

If the sign is not returned, it could go on their record as a felony.

"So just to avoid that, it would be better to just bring the sign back. You kept it for a few days and maybe had some fun with it," said Raines.

What may have started out as a bit of fun could potentially turn into a criminal record if the sign is not returned.

If you have any information on the crime, contact Hot Springs Police Department.

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