PIKE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Three people are under arrest after allegedly shooting meth under a bridge in Pike County.

During a patrol July 3, Chief Deputy Jerry Lowery was checking out a boat ramp along Hwy. 19 at the Nevada County line.

At the boat ramp Lowery saw a car with two women inside. He also saw a man down by the river throwing his hands in the air and yelling.

Lowery talked to the man, identified as Teddy Spell, Jr., 35 of Prescott, and he told him he had shot up about two hours before.

Lowery called for backup and then walked to the car with Spell. While walking, Lowery accidentally knocked over a bowl of rocks on the ground, and Spell became openly upset and told Lowery he had just desecrated a holy altar and began praying for forgiveness.

Another officer arrived and the two women inside the car were identified as Barbara Batchelor, 62, and Deborah Tewalt, 57, both of Prescott.

During a search of the vehicle Lowery found a clear plastic bag containing a crystalline substance believed to be meth along with drug paraphernalia. Another bag was found on Tewalt.

All three subjects were then transported to the Pike County Detention Facility and the suspected Narcotics were packaged for transport to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for testing to confirm the substances.

(Source: Pike County Sheriff's Office)

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