LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to power line vandals.

It started in August when someone climbed a 100-foot tower and cut high voltage lines in Cabot. Now the FBI believes the same vandals could be responsible for two more power line attacks.

"Kind of unusual for a day like yesterday to lose power. There weren't any storms of anything," says Darrell Burns who lives on Robin Road in Jacksonville.

Burns says he knew there had to be more to a short power outage Sunday morning when he came home to find his driveway full of officials.

"It was the power company and the authorities, government authorities for the FBI and they said they had some vandalism I guess had gone on," says Burns.

Just a few yards behind his home, vandals cut down two power poles knocking out power to about ten thousand customers.

"There is a gentleman just down the street here who is in a wheelchair and he has to have all of his equipment running and they don't have a backup generator yet so you figure, if the power goes out, he's stuck," says Burns.

Just a few miles down the road in Keo, police say vandals set fire to the Entergy substation one week earlier, inscribing the message "You Should Have Expected U.S."

It's a trend that seems to have started August 21st when authorities believed someone climbed a 100ft high voltage tower in Cabot and cut the lines, closing Highway 3-21 all day. Now the FBI believes all three could be connected and are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading investigators to an arrest of the vandals who some are calling very bold.

"Sixty, seventy, thousand volts of electricity or more going through those power lines and someone messing with them? That's like instant death," says Burns.

Luckily, the FBI says no one was injured in any of these incidents. Both Entergy and First Electric Cooperative customers have been affected. If you have any information, you are encouraged to contact the FBI's field office in Little Rock. That number is 501-221-9100.

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