SALINE CO., Ark. (KTHV) - Odell Williams said his neighbor, C.D. Spann, murdered his two sons on Sunday.

"They would have left. He didn't have to shoot them," said Williams.

The Saline County Sheriff's Department is not releasing many details on what happened or a motive, but said they believe Spann to be responsible for the murders. They charged him with two counts of first-degree murder.

Williams said the shootings happened after his sons, Michael and Donald Williams drove their 4-wheelers onto Spann's property which connects to their land.

"We didn't know him," said Williams, although he said they have lived in their family home for more than 40 years. Williams said Spann did not give his sons the opportunity to explain themselves once he spotted them on his property. "The boys held their hands up and [Spann] said 'Which one of you want to die first?"

Williams said Spann then shot one of his sons. He said the other son then ran for help, and that is when Williams said Span shot at the other son as he fled, but missed hitting him. When he returned with a third brother, Williams said the third brother who returned to help was shot and killed by Spann.

"His older brother went back to check on Michael, and he shot him," added Williams.

Despite the tragedy, Williams said his family will struggle, but will move on.

"Well you just have to. You just have to cope with it and move on ... [There is] nothing else you can do," said Williams.

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