CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - A UCA freshman is uncertain of his future after finding out he will lose an estimated $2,300 per semester towards tuition.

"I was really banking on this," said Evan Barre,19, who serves in the Army.

Evan received Federal Tuition Assistance through his service in the National Guard to help pay for school, but recently, he was told that resource would be cut off due to sequestration.

"I would say having college paid for probably made up about 80 or 90 percent of the reason I joined," said Evan. He is one of many soldiers across the nation who are now facing problems getting money for college. "I feel like they're so busy bickering that they can't decide on what they're going to do, and it's leaving us high and dry."

THV 11 News posed Evan's dilemma to Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Cotton.

"The composition of those cuts may change, but I don't expect spending to increase again," said Rep. Cotton.

Cotton, a former army captain said he and other lawmakers are fighting for guardsmen like Evan.

"I would say to Evan or any soldier that signed up for the national guard or the reserves or active duty, when you signed up you signed up to fight for your country and to put everything on the line up to including your life. You have commanders in the military, you have elected leaders here in Washington who are doing everything we can to fight for you," said Rep. Cotton.

Evan said although he will have toexplore other optionstopay fortuition, dropping outof college is not an option.

"I may not be able to finish it as early as I would have liked to," said Evan.

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