Little Rock, Ark. (KTHV) --Two companies have teamed up to help bring an end to teen dating violence in the U.S.

Live Person technology partnered with Love is Respectto change how teens communicate to break the cycle of abuse.

Love is Respect is an organization that helps teens prevent and end abusive relationships. Break the Cycle and the National Dating abuse Helpline designed the site specifically for a young audience. They strive to emphasize confidentiality and trust to ensure teens and young adults nationwide feel safe and supported.

Live Person partnered with them to offer a 24/7 text service allowing counselors to receive both live-chats and texts messagesin the same console and send back advice securely and in real-time.

Love is Respect has several other helpful features, everything from dating basicsto taking action against abuse.

If you're curious as to what constitutes an abusive relationship - check out the"is this abuse"section. Here you'll find a list of warning signs of abuse. You can also check out the power and control wheel.

Each spoke of the wheel contains examples and a video demonstrating a form of abuse. You'll also find advice on how to handle each situation.

If you're not sure where to get help, there are plenty of resources on this site as well. In the"get help" section you'll find answers to a variety of topics. Everything from "should we break up" to "can I stop being abusive" and also links on how to create support systems around you.

Love is Respectis a great resource to engage, educate and empower youth and young adults to prevent and end abusive relationships. No matter what the situation may be, seeking help is the first step to a healthier relationship with yourself.

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