LITTLE ROCK, Ar (KTHV) -- Two stores in Little Rock arebusted for K2and bath salts Wednesday.

The Little Rock Police Department helped the Drug Enforcement Agency conduct two drug busts at 1300 S. Woodrow and 3200 Baseline.

They arrested three people and seized cash plus 3.5 kilos of K2 and half a kilo of bath salts.

These two busts were part of a nation-wide bust to crackdown on synthetic marijuana and bath salts.

"We continue to receive information about businesses, individuals that distribute synthetic narcotics as well as the traditional narcotics. Our undercover officers continue to investigate those concerns and those tips." says Sgt. Cassandra Davis with the Little Rock Police Department.

"Operation Log Jam" is the Drug Enforcement Administration's first nation-wide operation to raid the factories and distributors of synthetic drugs like incense, bath salts and k2.

In all, they served 265 search warrants in 30 states. Davis says "Nationally there's been a rise in it. You hear about them becoming prevalent. Here in Little Rock we haven't made that many arrests with the synthetic narcotics or the K2. But fortunately working with the DEA we have been able to make at least three arrests with this incident! But we haven't had a high number reported of the K2 or the other synthetic drugs."

Bath salts and K2 are illegal in Arkansas and Davis says her officers are ready to stop whatever amount comes their way.

And as with any drug, the punishment depends on the amount in possession and the suspect's past history. Davis says, "Our undercover officers work continuously to investigate those concerns and those tips and make an arrest whenever necessary or possible."

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