SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - A Sherwood family was hundreds of miles away from home, enjoying the most magical place on earth when they received a much unexpected call. A police car had slammed into their house, wiping out the garage and some of their vehicles.

It all started with a police chase. The officer was heading out to help in the pursuit but didn't quite make it off Wildwood Ave. He ended up crashing into the Dickerson's house. Officers say the cop also glanced the house next door owned by one of the Dickerson's family members

The scene on Wildwood Ave. consists of a wrecked car, debris on the ground and a boarded up garage.

"I heard a big crash, and I thought it was a tree that fell on the house," described Cody Dickerson, but it wasn't a tree on the house. It was a cop car inside the house.

The Sherwood Police Department said the officer was responding to a police chase and crashed into the home. What caused him to lose control of the vehicle is still under investigation, but they say speed is a likely cause. On a positive note, there are no serious injuries.

"It's one thing having someone run into your house. It's another having a cop accidentally run into your house," Cody Dickerson said.

Dickerson is still surprised at Wednesday night's accident; he was inside when the car plowed through the home. Dickerson was house sitting for his brother's family while they were vacationing at Disney World.

He sent THV 11 pictures of Wednesday night's scene. As soon as he made sure the officer was ok he called 911, then he called his brother.

"I said well there is a cop car in your garage, he accidentally ran into it," he said.

THV 11 also spoke with the homeowner, Jeremy Dickerson on the phone. He said he is stunned but grateful.

"We are very thankful that no one was fatally injured and that we weren't home because we are just all the time out in that driveway," said Jeremy Dickerson.

Cody told THV 11 about six vehicles are damaged and the house didn't fare so well either.

"They knocked down corner post and stuff like that, that holds up the garage structure, so they sent someone out last night to shore it up. There was some wall shifting inside the house. I don't know how far it goes up. We'll have an engineer out here and look at it," said Dickerson.

Despite the damage, the Dickerson's are just thankful everyone is safe and hopes to continue their vacation at Disney, where dreams are made, without any more bizarre accidents.

The officer involved in the accident is a patrolman. Sherwood police said he's been with the force since September 2010.

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