LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Central Arkansas businessman Curtis Coleman announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor at 11:30 a.m.Thursday in the Old Supreme Court courtroom in the Arkansas State Capitol.

Coleman was the Founding CEO and President of Arkansas-based Safe Foods Corporation until fall of 2009 when he retired from thecompany. Currently, he is Chairman of the Institute for Constitutional policy, an educational non-profit Arkansas corporation.

"I've made this decision because it is time to let Arkansas prosper," Coleman said. "The simple fact is that Arkansas has every right, reason and resource to be one of the most successful States, populated by some of the most prosperous people in the Nation."

"We're falling farther behind, and it's not because we don't have great people, or abundant resources or even good roads. We're falling farther behind because Arkansas has the most onerous, anti-business job-unfriendly tax and regulatory codes of any state we touch," Coleman said.

According to Coleman, Arkansas needs a businessman at the helm in state government. "If we make these changes, if we become the prosperous people we should be and can be, we don't need another professional politician at the helm. We need a businessman who's had to make a payroll, who's had to fight smothering and strangling over-regulation just to keep the doors open, who's provided health insurance for his employees, someone who's been under the regulations instead of over them and someone who knows that state government can be managed with business-like efficiencies."

"It is time we rejected the failed programs of the past and the failed policies of the past; policies that have been perpetuated by an establishment caretaker mentality. It's time we take our place at the top the list, at the head of the line and say to the rest of America, 'Watch us! We'll show you how it's done in America," Coleman said.

Coleman is the third candidate to announce his gubernatorial plans. Republican Asa Hutchinson is running, as well as Democrat Bill Halter.

(Source: Coleman for Governor)

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