LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Despite a recent negative attack ad from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senator Mark Pryor (D - Ark.) said he's confident and prepared to fight. Senator Pryor has been catching flack from both sides--from liberals and conservatives-since he opposed gun control legislation.

Starting Friday, he fired back, with his own ad and hoped voters would come away knowing that Pryor felt it was important to push back and explain to people why he voted the way he did.

"We had a chance to vote on two separate pieces of legislation that deal with background checks," he said of a bill endorsed by the NRA and written by Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa. "I decided to vote no on one and yes on the other. If you read the bill, you'll see the Grassley approach fixes problems in the current system."

Pryor opposed Obama's gun control legislation that would have required more gun background checks but supported the Grassley approach, which focuses more on keeping gun out of the hands criminals with violent backgrounds, criminalizing straw purchases, and putting more focus on mental health.

The Grassley approach was presented by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R - Iowa) and Ted Cruz (R - Tex.).

"[Obama's gun legislation] wouldn't have done anything to prevent Sandy Hook, Aurora or Tucson," he explained.

What does he anticipate as the ads continue to run and the battle gets ugly?

"They started spending money in February, so it's just way too early for this, and Arkansans are tired of politics. What they want to see me and others do is govern," he answered.

He said he would've waited until 2014, but outside groups forced his hand to respond. He said a vast majority of Arkansans gave positive feedback.

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