MORRILTON, Ark. (KTHV) - A group of women in Morrilton spent hundreds of hours making quilts of valor to present to veterans this 4th of July.

Adorned with red, white and blue and personalized patches, these quilts symbolize each veterans' sacrifice for America.

"No telling, I put in hours...Sometimes I stay up till midnight sewing tops," said 85-year-old Mary Brents.

Brents said despite her love of quilting, the last nine months were more about giving back to those who sacrificed most.

"Quilt of Valor, which is quilts for our veterans," said Brents.

Brents and 15 other women in Morrilton made their favorite hobby about honoring veterans. Together the group made 70 quilts. It takes about a week to make just one.

"We all help each other. Some cut, some sew, and some press with the iron. We all do different jobs. Some make labels, some make pillow cases, some go out and collect money," said Catherine Pruitt.

Pruitt realized Arkansas was not participating in the Quilt of Valor program last winter and decided to do something about it. Each quilt has a label with the veteran's name, their service branch, year of service, the war they fought in, and year of presentation.

"To show our appreciation for our veterans. My husband is a Vietnam veteran, and everybody has a connection with a veteran. That's how we have our freedom," said Pruitt.

Mary Brents set the bar for the project by making 20 quilt tops. She spent long days forging fabric for memories sake.

"I hope they feel warmth and love because that's what's been in it. That's what we've put in," said Brents. These quilts will be presented to the veterans on Thursday during the Walk of Flags at St. Vincent Hospital in Morrilton.

If interested in participating in the Arkansas Quilt of Valor program, you can contact Catherine Pruitt at (501) 215-3326.

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