In the midst of Friday night's snowstorm that left hundreds of people stranded in central Arkansas, there were Good Samaritans who helped others in need. Friday night and into Saturday morning, THV11's facebook page was sprinkled with comments from people thankful for their personal heroes who helped them during a desperate time. Here are some of the Thank Yous we received.

If you have a stranger to thank or give praise to, feel free to mention them in the Comments section of this article.

Jessica Miller I rescued a dog from Dardanelle today. I got to Conway and then headed to little rock where my home is. I prayed the entire way bc I drive a small honda and TRUCKS were getting stuck. I specifically prayed for angels to surround me and my car. I had 4 men help me from one pushing my car the last quarter of the bridge on to cantrell road, to two men catching my trunk as I was about to ram into another car and the last man who walked me to my door step and carried the at least 50 pound dog champ I just rescued bc he had surgery! 4 angels and I'm home safe! I PRAY FOR EVERYONE STILL OUT THERE BC ITS A NIGHTMARE! I was scared and stressed so I pray for all of you out there for your safety! Be blessed.

Sunny ReneeWithout the kindness of a few strangers, my daughters and I could have really been in trouble. Very grateful!

Cindy Moore 3 wonderful men at the entrance ramp to I 430 south from Shackleford pushing cars that have slid off the road and sideways to the top, over and over again all for no money in the cold and snow wearing only hoodies,they saved me and countless others with cars sliding back as they pushed,I don't know who they are but they are true hero's and deserve a shout out THANK YOU!!!! may God Bless them and keep them safe.

Kimberley Smith Meek I was trying to get home from work. Got stuck on Salem Road in Saline County. Very nice guys from Newcomb Towing were out helping, and two young gentlemen in fabulous big trucks were helping - they took people home and helped get my car up the hill after a 180 degree spinout and a sideswipe by an suv on an out of control slide down the hill... thank you BRODIE and other young guy in a burgundy truck from near Avilla Hardware. Hats off to all the folks out helping - Rusty Daniel of Daniel and Sons Electric too. It took a village to get me home tonight. Salute!

Gretta Gonzalez What I have seen around my Area is two gentleman with a four wheeler taking people up the hill since they were stranded and could not go up the hill, I wish there were people like that in many areas it would be very helpful if you have a reliable transportation that is good for this type of weather get out around your area and help others The Lord is would to compensate you for that.

Brian Lowrance To the retired armed forces soldier out of service due to medical in Benton, Ar in the yellow Hummer: Thank You Sir for helping my neighbor out with their vehicle on Alcoa rd tonight, among the many other people that you (and I to some small degree) helped "get over the hill". You Sir are a remarkable Citizen and continue to serve our Country even though you have been medically discharged from our Armed Forces. I did not catch your name, but I salute you Sir. Thank you for your service foreign, domestic, enlisted and retired!

Paul N Joyce Moseley My daughter slid off the road in Hot Springs and call and told me that a super nice couple came by in a 4x4 and help her! God Bless those people who ever they were

Terri Lowery- Melrose Stuck in Cabot! Story is just to unbelievable to post...short version, slid off the road, got hit by the next car that slid off, went into station to warm up, met a nice guy that pulled the car out, met a stranded young woman with no way home. So we got a motel room, last one left, and are having the impromptu sleepover, making new friends. We all sound crazy, running around with strangers, but we are warm and safe!

Irene Burnett My son slid off the road on Hwy 7 south of Dardanelle last nite.couldn't get out of the ditch but luckily had his 4 wheeler in the back of his truck so he rode it on into town and stayed with me.but he had a cop and one other person stop and make sure he was ok.

Edie Freeman Pitts My son left work on Cantrell at 8pm. Got stuck on the hilly curve that turns into 67/167 along with several others. They all got out of their cars and pushed each other up the hill until traffic could get moving again. He then stayed with family overnight. Very proud of him and all the others who helped people last night.

James Paul Benton Jr My brother spent the night driving around on his four wheeler and giving people rides home. He took blankets and gloves to give them warmth for their ride. This was in hot springs.

Susie Conrad My daughter got stuck but a lovely couple moved her car into a parking lot and gave her a ride home. And picked up another couple walking toward our neighborhood. I am very grateful for their help. There are good people out there!

Geneva Vaughn I am a petty safe driver, almost home in the blinding snow. I slid off the road on my way home Friday night in a curve with a slope. The car behind me came to check on me, told me to put it in drive and he and his boy were going to push me back onto the road. He said just keep going when you get up there. I tried to lean out my door and say thank you, as I was put back in the road and will never know who came to my rescue. I really appreciated the kindness of this stranger, I was dreading the 3 mile walk home.. and the tow to get it out later on. It is wonderful for folks to show the love and compassion of God thru their actions and deeds. I wanted to say THANK you to the strangers that helped me during the blinding snow of Friday. They got me home, when it looked pretty bleak. I was almost a statistic. Thanks, Geneva V

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