LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's almost that time of the year, prom! The night where high school couples get dressed to the nines and dance the night away. Everyone deserves to look their best on this special night, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it.

On 'THV 11 This Morning' we shared a Cleburne County program that's collecting the best so you can look your best free of charge.

The Cinderella Prom Program, started by the Cleburne County Rotary Club, helps high schoolers who can't afford luxury outfits feel like royalty on their prom night. Rena Kelley with the Rotary Club said, "We help young girls and men to get dresses and tuxedos that can't afford to go to prom."

But picking out the perfect dress and tux is not the only perk to this program. Kelley said, "I have a beauty salon here that works with me. I give them a coupon, they get a free up-do, make-up; the guys get a free haircut. All that's taken care of."

Four years later and ReneƩ Kelley is still dedicated to this program's success. Her favorite part is helping the high schoolers pick the outfit of their dreams. Kelley said, "Some of them have trouble picking one; I get to be their little fashion coordinator."

Students are able to come here and pick out the perfect outfit for prom. But what makes this program unique is they're able to make their purchase in private. Kelley adds, "I sent up an individual appointment with each one, so it's all confidential, nobody knows, except me and them. They get to pick out their dress or suit, and then they get to keep it."

This way students don't have to feel ashamed if they cannot afford an expensive outfit for prom night. Kelley said, "It gives them a self-esteem builder - and usually when they're finished they always grab me and hug me. They're just so excited to get such a beautiful dress."

While people donate their old memories, this program lets students recycle them to make new ones. Kelley said, "It makes you feel proud to be able to help the people here in town and in the community - and just to see the smiles on their faces when they get the dresses and the suits on."

You don't have to be from Cleburne County to either donate or participate in the Cinderella program. Renee is encouraging everyone to help out.

If you want to donate a dress, tuxedo, or any accessories, you can drop them off at 71 Cleburne Park Rd. in Heber Springs.

If you want to participate in the program call or email ReneƩ to set up an appointment at (501) 362-1270 or email KrKelley@hebersprings.asub.edu.

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