CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - On Tuesday, GAP Mission Church from Conway had become a hub, a shelter, and a home for just about anybody in central Arkansas affected by Sunday's tornado

"A lot of families are displaced and don't have a home or they simply don't have electricity so they can't cook and need a meal," Laura Barnhart, who helped turn her church into a shelter, explained.

People poured in in all day – to eat, rest, or donate. Volunteer cook Wayne Daniels was humbled to be around such strong people.

"They come out and they say I'm alive – everything's alright and I'm alive. And that's just awesome to see that," Daniels said. "They're just awesome people. All I am is an old fish cooker – the real heroes are out there."

But every volunteer - the tall and the small, the mover or the cooker – is a hero during this recovery.

The heroes came from across the state to help the church, which is located at a crossroads between the two most devastated areas.

"There's not a single selfish bone in nobody's body here."

And not only is Gap Mission Church helping victims of this storm, but the church is a victim itself.

"We lost a big section of our roof. It's about a 60 to 70 foot section," a member said.

GAP church stands for "God Always Provides" and this church, along with many Arkansans, are doing their best to provide for this community.

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