SALTILLO, Ark. (KTHV) – During our tornado coverage, we have been hearing from some of you saying, "what about us?!"

Many people are seeing all of the coverage of bigger towns like Vilonia, but the small community of Saltillo saw its fair share of damage.

Kevin Reece with our sister station, KHOU in Houston, is there for us tonight.

Damage between Mayflower and Vilonia

As the Simon family piled up and burned the remnants of their two homes, the West family across the street picked through their own rubble. Debris included their neighbor's trailers that the tornado flung their way a good couple hundred yards.

They are thankful that they had enough warning to get to another neighbor's storm cellar down the road, and thankful for what happened next. Family, friends, and strangers who immediately offered to help.

"It's just amazing to see what God has done through this. What you would think is just total devastation we just constantly are seeing blessings left and right and seeing unconditional love and support from our neighbors and our friends," said Kari West.

"God has blessed us with them being here. The house and the contents are just material things that can be replaced. But at least we still have our family," said Karen West.

The tornado clearly didn't destroy their faith, and it renewed their faith in each other.

People in Saltillo don't ask for help in a disaster like this. They just rally together, because that's what good neighbors do.

"Because God said love your neighbor as yourself and that's exactly what this community is doing," said Kari West.

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