BLACK OAK, Ark. (KTHV) - As the cleanup moves on, we're learning about more and more communities torn apart by Sunday's tornado.

Tonight, THV11's Kevin Trager introduces us to a small, tight knit subdivision whose residents are piecing their lives back together while also dealing with a language barrier.

At Oak Bowery Baptist church, many were devastated by this tornado.

The tight knit community off Otto Road near Saltillo is made up of mostly first generation Hispanics, and many there speak very little to no English at all.

What used to be trailers and mobile homes are now just square plots of dirt, and on Tuesday, a group of volunteers from a local church brought truckloads of food, water, clothing, and household supplies to help the victims in Black Oak.

"Not speaking English they're very concerned about leaving their property and going and getting the resources they need."

Celia Goff is the ESL coordinator at the Vilonia public schools and has become a friend and mentor to many of these families.

She said if not for the volunteers and donations, many of the victims would go the whole day without a meal.

If these volunteers learned anything today, it's that in times of desperate need there is no language barrier because neighbors are neighbors.

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