GREENBRIER, Ark. (KTHV) - The lyrics of Madisa's song, "Overcomer" are the words to Dana Taylor's testimony. "The whole student body, the whole staff, you know they all come together and did this for me and it was overwhelming," Dana Taylor begins.

Taylor is the administrative assistant at Greenbrier High School and a person who many say helps keep the building in order. But in January of this year her duties were put on hold after being diagnosed with cancer. Taylor says, "It was tough the first three months or so and it got a little better and I got stronger."

While Taylor was in and out of treatments, students and faculty at Greenbrier High School were busy putting together a plan that would give Taylor the perseverance she needed. "She's family and that's the way we do things at Greenbrier," Susan Holtz explains.

What started out as a class project quickly turned into a lip dub that would gain the attention of thousands of people. Student, Billy Huggins says, "It's really hard to show your appreciation. Just sending flowers doesn't seem as personalized and I know this actually impacted her."

Finding hope in the place she calls her second home, Taylor was finally able to muster up enough strength to return to work last week. She says, "But with all them here it's been a relief to be here. I mean I'm tired by the end of the day. But it's been great to be back."

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